Skype conversation with Rahel Thomé in Plymouth, England

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Rahel Thomé is a BZSL student who does her apprenticeship at Amt für Militär und Zivilschutz. She took the chance to get a KV Plus scholarship to spend half a year in Plymouth, England and half a year in Bordeaux in France. Right now she lives near Brighton with a host family.

The class KE1b and Rahel had a skype conversation where all the students asked questions about her work, her host family, school and the progress she makes with her English, as well as her daily life.

She likes it very much there but everything is different, not only the language, also the working hours and the working environment.

Rahel misses Switzerland. She is looking forward to flying to France and to complete the last half year of the KV Plus project and afterwards to finish the 3rd year of her apprenticeship.

Rahel was very open and friendly, she is happy that she got the chance to live and work abroad. Both students and Rahel had a lot to talk and laugh about.


Pamina Rutzer, Lernende KE1b

BZSL - Skype conversation with Rahel Thomé in Plymouth, England (12.01.2018 16:44)